Cell phone e-waste campaign: Opportunity for CMTA members

By CMTA Staff

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Proper disposal of electronic waste ("e-waste") is a growing issue for businesses in California. A recent expiration on February 8 of an exemption to the California Universal Waste Rule makes it unlawful for Californians to throw cell phones and other household electronics into the trash and AB 2901 (Fran Pavley, D-Agoura Hills), an upcoming cell phone recycling mandate for wireless retailers in California, will require Californians and businesses throughout the State to comply with additional measures to help reduce the environmental impact created by improper disposal of cell phones.

Three opportunities exist through the Donate That Phone! and Keep California Beautiful (KCB) partnership to allow CMTA Members a convenient and free way to help address the issue of recycling cell phones and the requirement of AB 2901:

1. Place a Cell Phone Collection Box in your community areas within your offices and the partnership will pay the shipping both ways.  

2. Promote KCB's online collection site to employees who want to recycle their phones.

3. Co-Brand a collection site with KCB.  They would place your company logo next to the KCB logo on a website like the one linked above.  All they need is a logo and they can have the site up in 5 minutes.  

Call 866-366-5791 if you or your company is interested in participating.

The Donate That Phone! program is a cell phone recycling partnership between government, volunteers and business that provides collection, shipping and recycling of unwanted cell phones and accessories. Unwanted cell phones are collected using a secure website, as well as postage-paid collection boxes which can be distributed to any corporate or retail location in California. The program allows safe compliance with the mandatory requirements of AB 2901.  Proceeds from the program benefit Keep California Beautiful and support the non-profit organization's cleanup, recycling and beautification projects across the state.

Public relations opportunities may exist down the road if enough CMTA member companies participate.
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