Help the BLS paint an accurate picture of manufacturing

By CMTA Staff

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CMTA often relies on statistics to make our case with the Legislature and regulators regarding the state of California manufacturing. Often our research on occupational, wages, and other employment data leads to the Bureau of Labor statistics (BLS).
The BLS conducts surveys to provide vital information about our economy and society to many different customers. CMTA wants to help them achieve their goals so we can achieve ours. 
If you are called upon to participate in one of BLS' surveys, please say “Yes.”  A few moments of your time will help paint and accurate picture of our economy.
The BLS designs surveys to be as easy as possible to minimize the amount of time it takes to answer them. 
Confidentiality is extremely important to the BLS. Names or identifiable information regarding participating firms is never released and all data collected are completely confidential pursuant to federal laws which specifically protect confidentiality of business respondents.
If you have any questions about a survey you’ve received please contact the BLS Western Information Office at (415) 625-2270 or email  You can see more information on the BLS surveys at the specific links below:
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