Tell your suppliers and employees about CMTA's Champions Summit and Adam Carolla

By CMTA Staff

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As we previously reported, talented funnyman and commentator, Adam Carolla, has agreed to host the California Manufacturers & Technology Association's Champions of Manufacturing Summit. You may have heard Carolla on the radio, on his #1 downloaded podcasts, at the Punchline, or on Fox News providing California perspective. He's edgy and hilarious, but more importantly he's a huge fan of manufacturing and understands its importance to California's success.

Adam Carolla and CMTA's exciting Champions of Manufacturing Summit will start at 10 a.m. on June 18 at the Sacramento Convention Center. The event will also be broadcast live online and will conclude at noon.
There are three things you should do:

1. Register here to either attend or watch the event live online.  
2. Forward this postcard to your suppliers and manufacturing allies to tell them about the event.
3. Print a stack of these employee flyers to put in your breakrooms for your manufacturing workers to register to watch the event online. Maybe you could even give them some extended break time!
We have invited Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Governor Jerry Brown as leaders of two of the country's largest manufacturing-based regions -- Los Angeles and California. We will also have our newest Manufacturing Champion companies on hand to talk about their incredible operations and employees, and tell us what helps them succeed in California.
If you have exciting photos or videos from your facility that you would like us to use in our video montage please tweet them with the hashtag #MFGchamp or e-mail them to Teresa Boyte at


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