Another flexible work schedule bill defeated

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, April 24, 2014

The latest attempt to provide workers with more flexibility in their work schedules was defeated this week by the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee. AB 2448 by Assemblymember Brian Jones (R-Santee) would have permitted an individual employee to voluntarily request a four, ten-hour day workweek schedule, without the payment of overtime, if the request was submitted in writing and approved by their employer.

This bill is the latest effort in a long-fought battle to eliminate California’s burdensome alternative workweek election process to allow employees to individually craft a work schedule with their employers that meets the demands and challenges of their busy lifestyles. However, organized labor continues to fight against any perceived effort to reduce access to overtime pay and threaten the eight-hour work day.

California is one of only three states that does not follow the federal overtime standard and imposes an eight-hour daily overtime requirement. But, even the other two states (Alaska and Nevada) at least allow the employer and employee to essentially waive the daily overtime requirement via a written agreement.

Manufacturing operations can often accommodate flexibility in our employee’s work schedules, but the current alternative workweek election process is extremely difficult, risky and potentially costly. Giving more flexibility to workers and employers, when it works for both parties, is good public policy, which is why CMTA supported AB 2448.

See comments by Nicole Rice, CMTA Policy Director, at the morning press conference.

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