A few environmental bill "victories"

By CMTA Staff

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This is the time of year when we see many spot bills of potential fail to materialize and a number of the less well thought-out, overly-broad work-in progress bills get dropped by their authors. The deadline for fiscal bills to get out of policy committees in their house of origin is Friday, May 2nd, and the deadline for non-fiscal bills is Friday, May 9th.

CMTA’s Environmental Quality Committee voted to oppose the following bills which are now dead:

  • AB 2037 (Committee on Accountability) Environmentally Preferable Packaging–would have required the Dept. of General Services to create a process to track environmentally preferable purchases by the State and post the results on the web.
  • SB 1194 (Ben Hueso, D-San Diego) Solid Waste: Plastic Products – would have required everyone with sales of $100 million dollars or more to disclose in their annual report information concerning whether they adopted a sustainability policy or if there were established goals to reuse, recover and reduce the use of plastics in its products. This bill would have included such products as toys, computers, medical devices, automobiles, boats, packaging, building insulation, cell, phones, sporting goods and personal care products.
  • SB 1333 (Mark Wyland, R-Escondido) Vitamin Supplement Ingredient Labeling: Country of Origin– started off as a labeling bill and then was amended to be an enforcement bill.
  • AB 1789 (Das Williams, D-Santa Barbara) Pesticides: Neonicotinoids: Control Measure Determination– was amended to provide an extended timetable for the Department of Pesticide Regulation to evaluate the situation and industry to adapt.
  • AB 2392 (Mike Gatto, D-Los Angeles) Recycling: Plastic Container– originally contemplated an increase to the mandate on recycled plastic reuse in new rigid plastic containers from a 45 percent minimum to 75 percent. Later, the author considered expanding the rigid plastic container program to include food and personal care products.
  • SB 916 (Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana) Biosynthetic Lubricant Oil Mandate– would have require all state-owned vehicles to only use engine lubricating oil with 25 percent biosynthetic lubricant by 2016 and all vehicles in the state by 2017. The bill was gutted of this language and now regards firearms.
  • AB 2674 (Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley) Occupational Safety and Health Standards: Hazardous Disinfectants– would have required OSHA to adopt standards for health care personnel and patients.

CMTA’s EQ Committee also expressed concern with the following spot bills which were never heard in their first policy committee:

  • AB 1632 (Kristen Olson, R-Modesto) Water Rights Appropriation;
  • AB 1909 (Mariko Yamada, D-Davis) Food and Agriculture: Registration Organic Foods;
  • AB 2572 (Philip Ting, D-San Francisco) Environmental Justice: Reports;
  • AB 2596 (Rob Bonta, D-Alameda) Environmental Justice;
  • AB 2694 (Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont) Beverage Containers: Recycling; and
  • SB 958 (Ted Gaines, R-Rocklin) California Environmental Quality Act.

There are numerous more environmental bills still active to oppose and support. A listing of the more important ones can be found on our website at cmta.net/page/legwatch.

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