CMTA's Champions Summit emerging as center of gravity for California manufacturing

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, May 16, 2014 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

No doubt about it -- California manufacturers are the best in the world and we need more of them. That's why so many entities are converging on CMTA's June 18 Champions of Manufacturing Summit at the Sacramento Convention Center.

So far:

  • Partners and sponsoring groups are growing daily and quickly establishing June 18 as a center of gravity for California's Manufacturing Champions initiative.
  • Registrants are pouring in and we've only started to market the event.
  • Adam Carolla has signed on to help celebrate, entertain and communicate California manufacturing issues to a larger audience.  
  • Gov. Jerry Brown is sending a special video message.
  • Other substantial policy leaders are being asked to join us. 
  • Our seven Champion manufacturers are currently filming their facilities and workers for an exciting video display.
  • The National Association of Manufacturers has signed on to provide national perspective and make sure the event is seen nationally by manufacturers in other states. 

You can't miss it!  Register to either attend in Sacramento or watch live online.

You can listen to Adam Carolla plug manufacturing and the Summit HERE.


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