California @ 50 million report

By CMTA Staff

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This week CMTA and other organizations are recommending that California adopt new and improved metrics to analyze the effectiveness of our environmental and economic goals. Our comments on the Office of Planning and Research’s  (OPR’s) “California @ 50 million: Environment Goals and Policy Report (EGPR)” say that a strong and growing economy will enhance our ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to climate change impacts, and improve public health and quality of life. We urge OPR to make sure our policies account for impacts on middle class job growth, access to housing, and adequate supplies of reliable and affordable energy. 

California law provides that the EGPR shall include “an overview, looking 20 to 30 years ahead, of state growth and development and a statement of approved state environmental goals and objectives, including those directed to land use, population growth and distribution, development, the conservation of natural resources, and air and water quality.” The EGPR is also directed to describe both new and revised state policies, programs and actions necessary to implement the updated environmental goals and objectives.

Achieving climate change goals for 2050, when the population of California is projected to reach 50 million, are the driving force behind this edition of the EGPR. We hope to improve the report by including metrics to highlight the link between a strong economy and success on public health, environmental, and other quality of life goals. California’s leadership on climate change depends on demonstrating that aggressive goals can be achieved while maintaining and growing a healthy economy. Comments can be seen here

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