June 2014 primary election wrap-up

By CMTA Staff

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With record low voter turnout, Republicans managed to gain the edge in a number of key legislative primary races. This does not bode well for Democrats who have largely held supermajorities in both houses of the Legislature until three Democrat Senators were suspended earlier this year. California’s open “top-two” primary election system means the top two finishers in the primary election advance to the November ballot for a runoff despite their party affiliation. 

CMTA supported the ballot initiative to require an open-primary as a means to encourage more vigorous engagement of California’s business community in efforts to elect moderate, pro-business candidates. Leading in to Tuesday’s primary, campaign expenditures appeared to be at a record high with business interests competing against unions, consumer advocates, consumer attorneys and more. 

Nevertheless, the record low turnout makes it difficult to analyze the primary vote as it may portend the outcomes in November. It is also too early to tell how effective the top-two system has been at achieving its goal of moderating elections. This is only the second set of elections with the top-two system.

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