Energy Plan bill not heard

By CMTA Staff

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CMTA would like the California Energy Commission to develop a long term energy plan for California as a complement to the long range plan for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions done by the California Air Resources Board. A bill to require such a plan did not get a scheduled hearing on Monday this week.

A long term energy plan would highlight where California must invest in infrastructure, increase supplies, create demand-side programs or take other actions to ensure affordable and reliable energy supplies for the future. The plan is needed because aggressive GHG emission goals included in the updated AB 32 scoping plan for the time periods beginning 2030 through 2050 will put tremendous pressure on energy costs and supplies in the state. A roadmap for energy is needed to keep the economy well-served with adequate supplies at a competitive price. 

AB 1763 (Henry Perea, D-Fresno) was pulled from the calendar for hearing in the Senate Energy Committee because it did not have sufficient votes for passage. This is in contrast to the nearly unanimous support the bill enjoyed in the Assembly. CMTA and a broad coalition organized under the banner “Californian’s for Affordable and Reliable Energy” (CARE) were in strong support of the bill. CMTA and CARE will continue to highlight the need for a comprehensive energy plan. 

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