Urgent deadline for available employment training funds

By CMTA Staff

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You now have less than two weeks to pre-apply to use Employment Training Panel (ETP) funds in the July 2014 – July 2015 ETP Fiscal Year. The deadline is July 18, 2014.

Due to a surprise drop in funding levels your company now has less than two weeks to submit a simple pre-application form to secure your funding slot.

For details or to take advantage of California training reimbursements contact CMTA's Training Services Manager Rob Sanger at 916-233-9329 or rsanger@cmta.net.

After this deadline, ETP staff will assess demand against contracting capacity for the remainder of this Fiscal Year. Staff will also develop criteria for prioritizing projects to be presented to the ETP at the July and/or August panel meetings.

New project funding caps are summarized below:

Project cap Contract type
$425,000 Single Employer
$750,000 Single Employer Retraining & Job Creation
Retraining Cap ($425k) and Job Creation Cap ($325k)
$625,000 Single Employer: Multiple Facilities
$750,000 Multiple Employer
$50,000 Small Business
$225,000 Apprentice Training: Per Program Sponsor
$750,000 Critical Proposals

ETP is a California agency that provides up to $75 million in job training funds annually to employers throughout the state. The training funds are paid to the state by all private sector employers.


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