Field poll: support up for $7.5 billion state water bond

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, Sept. 26, 2014 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

The latest Field Poll of 467 voters likely to vote on the November ballot asked about support for Proposition 1 that would authorize $7.5 billion in bonds to improve the state’s water supply, quality and infrastructure.

The survey reported that more than half of respondents, 52%, would vote “Yes” on Proposition 1, while 27 percent would vote “No” and 21 percent remain undecided after reading the summary ballot description. For those aware of the measure, sentiment was strongest at 57 percent (No 25 percent, undecided 18 percent) likely voters to vote “Yes” versus voters who previously were unaware at 48 percent (No 28 percent, undecided 24 percent). Preferences across subgroups were strongest among Democrats at 66 percent “Yes” (No 13 percent, undecided 21 percent), while only 35 percent of Republicans would vote “Yes” (No 49 percent, undecided 16 percent). Also of note, Proposition 1 is favored by liberals (76 percent) more than conservatives (43 percent) and more moderate leaning voters (45 percent).

Across major demographics and regional subgroups, including regions, gender, age, race/ethnicity and permanent mail ballot registrant; overall, likely voters are largely in favor of voting “Yes” on Proposition 1 than those who would vote “No.”

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