CMTA members, others recognized for environmental leadership

By CMTA Staff

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NASSCO, a business unit of General Dynamics, was recognized for its environmental conservation and leadership efforts to continuously implement energy-efficient solutions at its San Diego shipyard. On October 27th, the company received an Award of Environmental Excellence from the California Manufacturers & Technology Association and the Industrial Environmental Association at their 2014 conference in San Diego.

In March 2014, NASSCO completed the remediation of sediment in its shipyard, which is the largest clean-up in the history of the San Diego Bay, and is one of the largest sediment cleanup projects in the United States. NASSCO successfully assembled a team of stakeholders including environmental organizations, regulators and government organizations to reach consensus on a science-based clean-up plan.

“We take our responsibility for environmental stewardship very seriously,”said Kevin M. Graney, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics NASSCO. “Located between the Bay and the community of Barrio Logan, we pay close attention to our surroundings and our impact on the economy, environment and community.”

NASSCO has voluntarily reduced air emissions by more than 67 percent since 2009, and developed a system to capture and treat 100 percent of storm water runoff. Additional efforts include new, energy-efficient lighting throughout the yard, programs to reduce diesel emissions and a recycling program that currently sorts more than 90 percent of recyclable material from the shipyard. The company is above requirements set by the state of California for recycling by 2020. Since 2001, NASSCO has invested more than $60 million to improve shipyard operations and to strengthen the company’s overall environmental initiatives.

NASSCO was also a recipient of the 2012 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Awards (GEELA) for Waste Reduction, and is a two-time recipient of the City of San Diego’s Recycler of the Year Award.

In addition, the Certified Unified Public Agency (CUPA) Forum Board, nominated by AT&T, was honored for working with the business community in crafting legislation which made much needed changes to clarify, simplify and standardize their regulations throughout the State. 

CMTA member, Verco Decking Inc., a NUCOR Company, was given Honorable Mention for finding and switching to a new cleaning compound in their metal extrusion and forming process that maintained product safety, eliminated VOC emissions and reduced overall cost. And where did Verco Decking find this newer, more environmentally responsible cleaning compound? Verco located this product through a manufacturer exhibiting at the CMTA/IEA San Diego environmental conference.

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