Gino DiCaro

New CMTA Prez headlines Madera Economic Summit on Dec. 11

By Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications

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New CMTA President Dorothy Rothrock will keynote the Madera County Economic Summit on December 11 with her passion for California manufacturing and its tremendous benefits.

Delivering her message that California manufacturers are the best in the world, Rothrock will shed light on the state of manufacturing and CMTA's growing campaign to improve California's competitiveness. The good news is that most state and local officials want more manufacturing jobs and investment. They see that it's not just adding manufacturing jobs, but also all the other jobs in the supply chain and neighborhood service jobs that grow around manufacturing.

Rothrock will discuss what attendees should reinforce with their representatives regarding manufacturing.  First, do no harm. Understand that adding new costs and burdens will make manufacturers even less competitive in the state. Second, they should analyze the costs and benefits of existing regulations to see what can be fixed to lower costs without harming health, safety or the environment. Third, assert leadership to implement those changes and track manufacturing investments and jobs to ensure the new approach is working. Politics won't be able to stop good ideas that have public support. 

You can register to attend here

The Summit will host more than 100 attendees from the region and CMTA is excited to participate. It's great to get behind groups that have mantra's like the following on Madera EDC's website and materials:

1. Low cost of living means your business can grow and flourish.

2. Madera County is focused on business attraction and retention so expect a streamlined permitting process.

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