ARB Postpones Sustainable Freight Initiative Program

By CMTA Staff

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In January of 2014, the California Air Resources Board announced that they were embarking on a mission to recommend how the state should move goods with zero or near-zero emissions, transitioning to cleaner, renewable transportation energy sources.  The plan was intended to deal with all modes of freight movement: truck, rail, ship and air.  A preliminary document was scheduled to be reduced mid-year with a final recommendation by the end of 2014.

A staff concept paper was released in September in conjunction with a workshop on the subject.  That paper listed virtually everything that staff had discovered in their research, but did not make specific recommendations.  The bulk of comments received came from industry sources.  A December 18th workshop scheduled for the release the staff’s preliminary recommendations was cancelled earlier this month.

CMTA lobbyists have learned that the release of recommendations will take place in the Spring.  ARB officials said, “The document will identify both regulatory and voluntary levers to accomplish a zero/near-zero emission freight system, based upon what we know so far.  It will articulate outstanding questions on technology, infrastructure, and economics that need to be addressed in 2015.  And it will include near-term action for 2015, to further reduce the health risk in communities near freight hubs.”

The results of this report will be of utmost importance to California’s manufacturers. 

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