Report Outlines Criteria for Post-2020 Climate, Energy Policy

By CMTA Staff

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A new report released this week outlined several conditions that must be met in order to craft the most economically responsible post-2020 climate change program for California and help ensure that the state creates a model other jurisdictions will follow. Californians for Affordable and Reliable Energy (CARE)released a whitepaper called, “Getting Straight A’s For California: The CARE Coalition’s Post-2020 Energy and Climate Policy Platform.”The purpose of the paper is to provide proactive input to policymakers who are preparing new legislative and regulatory proposals for consideration in 2015. CMTA is a member of CARE and  staff provided valuable input with regard to the priorities highlighted in the report.

The CARE whitepaper outlines common-sense conditions that should inform the development of new or expanded policies in order to both achieve California’s climate goals and protect the state’s economy. Both outcomes are necessary to encourage other jurisdictions to follow our lead and achieve meaningful reductions in global climate emissions.  The five key conditions include affordable energy, achievable goals, accountability for regulators, alignment with other jurisdictions, and accommodation to meet changing economic, environmental and infrastructure challenges

The CARE Coalition has been a vocal advocate for a comprehensive energy plan that ensures balance between environmental and economic goals and is calling for heightened attention and analysis on cost and affordability impacts of the new post-2020 policies. The policies need to take a comprehensive look at the state economy and balance many different community priorities – this includes environmental progress along with education, health care, affordable homeownership, growing jobs and a ensuring a strong middle class.

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