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By CMTA Staff

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On January 21st, CMTA sponsored a seminar on compliance with the new state industrial storm water permit that goes into effect on July 1. We videotaped the seminar and it is available on our website using the links below.

Laurel Warddrip

Ed Othmer

Nicole Granquist

Laurel Warddrip with the State Water Resources Control Board presented first in Part 1.  She describes the changes from the current permit.  Laurel is followed in Part 2 by Ed Othmer from the environmental consulting firm, AECOM.  Ed describes the steps that companies need to focus on to prepare in advance of the start of the new permit to avoid pitfalls.   Finally in Part 3, Nicole Granquist with the legal firm Downey Brand emphasizes the legal consequences of not taking the implementation of this permit seriously ahead of time.

If you have further questions following the viewing of these presentations, here is the contact information for our three speakers:

Laurel Warddrip  916-341-5531

Ed Othmer  858-812-6035

Nicole Granquist  916-520-5369

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