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CalRecycle's 'Manufacturer's Challenge'

By Mike Rogge

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CalEPA’s Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) has announced a workshop on June 17th titled the “Manufacturer’s Challenge”. The Manufacturer’s Challenge is a voluntary opportunity for product manufacturers and brand owners (on an industry level, not individual companies or representatives of only a small group of companies) whose packaging contributes to the disposal stream “to present CalRecycle and the stakeholders of California with ideas and proposals to meet a goal of 50 percent reduction in packaging disposed in California by the year 2020.”

California has a statewide policy goal of not less than 75 percent of solid waste generated be source reduced recycled or composted by the year 2020. Cal Recycle estimates that packaging represents about one quarter of the state’s disposal stream (10 million tons annually) and therefore its reduction and/or recovery play an important role in helping to achieve this goal.

At the end of October last year, CalRecycle held a workshop and announced that recovering product packaging (and specifically paper and plastic packaging) was absolutely necessary to achieving their 2020 goal. They advocated mandating extended producer responsibility packaging to accomplish this. At that time, industry made clear its dislike of that alternative. CalRecycle has interpreted that to mean that industry would rather accomplish reductions voluntarily. 

What CalRecycle would like to hear from industry associations in the June 17th workshop is:

1.     What course of action and resources will the association commit in order to reach a 50 percent reduction in packaging disposal in 2020?

a.     What baseline will be proposed?

b.     What metrics will be used?

c.     What will be the key milestones and associated timelines?

d.     How will the process and outcomes be made transparent?

2.     How will these activities be financed?

3.     What legislative mechanisms, if any, are necessary to meet this goal?

CalRecycle has sent notices to 14 different state and national associations inviting them to participate.

If you are interested in hearing more, CMTA will be hosting a “Thursday Group” meeting on Thursday, April 23rd at 1:30 pm Pacific, starting with a 15-30 minute presentation by CalRecycle. Please contact Mike Rogge if you would like to have call-in information.

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