As summer heats up Legislators take a break

By Michael Shaw

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As the mercury rises in Sacramento, the 2015-16 Legislative Session hits the pause button and legislators head back to their districts for a month-long break. Policy committees finished their work on July 17th meaning that when legislators return on August 17th the Appropriations Committees and house floors will be all that is left before the Governor’s desk.

Your CMTA advocates are continuing to lobby legislators and their staff through the summer recess so that when session is back in business California manufacturers will be ready for action. Below you will find the list of Key Manufacturing Bills that CMTA continues to actively work.

AB 12 (Cooley) Regulatory Reform

Requires all state agencies to review existing regulations by January 1, 2018 and revise duplicative, overlapping, out-of-date, or conflicting regulations and report to Legislature on actions taken to reduce regulatory costs.

Support          Senate Appropriations – Hearing 8/17


AB 465 (R. Hernandez) Employment Arbitration Agreements

Increases opportunity for class-action lawsuits and ignores well-established state and federal judicial precedent to preclude pre-dispute employment arbitration agreements.

Oppose          Senate Floor


AB 645 (Williams) 50% Renewable Portfolio Standard

Requires the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to revise the renewable portfolio standard (RPS) to achieve 50 percent of electricity from eligible resources by 2030 for both investor-owned and publicly-owned utilities without regard to cost or grid reliability.

Oppose          Senate Appropriations


AB 888 (Bloom) Plastic Microbeads

Stifles innovation by banning substitutes which are safe and may even biodegrade faster than natural materials used as exfoliants.

Oppose          Senate Floor


AB 1075 (Alejo) Hazardous Waste Enforcement

Requires DTSC to consider three or more violations of, or noncompliance with, specified provisions for which an entity has been found liable with respect to a single hazardous waste facility within a five-year period, as cause to deny, suspend, or revoke a permit, registration, or certificate.

Oppose          Senate Appropriations – Hearing 8/17


AB 1288 (Atkins) Post-2020 Climate Change

Indefinitely authorizes ARB to operate and maintain a market-based system of declining greenhouse emissions from specific sources, but does not permit ratcheting down of goals.

Oppose          Senate Appropriations – Hearing 8/17


AB 1520 (Asm Judiciary Cmte) Public Records

Makes utility user data for commercial, industrial and institutional customers open and available to the public under the California Public Records Act (CPRA) by eliminating an existing exemption to the disclosure under the Act. Continues to maintain exemption for residential customers claiming privacy interests.

Oppose          Failed Deadline, Senate Judiciary (2-Year Bill)


SB 3 (Leno) Minimum Wage Increase

Imposes 63 percent increase in the state minimum wage over the next three years by raising the wage for all industries in two stages – $11/hr in 2016 and $13/hr in 2017.  Mandates that future annual increases are tied to inflation and allows local jurisdictions to adopt higher minimum wage rates.

Oppose          Assembly Appropriations


SB 32 (Pavley) Post-2020 Climate Change

Requires ARB to establish a GHG emission limit of 80 percent below 1990 levels to be achieved by 2050 and allows ARB to set interim emissions targets for 2030 and 2040. Specifically directs ARB to set emissions targets for short-lived climate pollutants.

Oppose           Assembly Appropriations


SB 148 (McGuire) CTE – Career and Job Skills Education Act

Creates a K-12 Career Technical Education (CTE) incentive grant to support high-quality, industry valued programs that can help alleviate the workforce shortage and skills gap in manufacturing. Recent amendments removed the $600 million appropriation and made the program contingent upon funding being provided in the 2015-16 Budget Act. The proposed grant structure resembles that proposed by the Governor in his January Budget and the May Revise.

Support         Assembly Appropriations


SB 248 (Pavley) Oil and Gas

Requires the submission a significant amount of additional information to the Department of Oil and Gas when they have already admitted that they are unable to effectively handle at the current time what they are already getting and before they have submitted their plan to USEPA detailing how they intend to deal which the situation.

Oppose           Assembly Appropriations


SB 350 (De Leon) 50-50-50 Climate Change

Mandates reduction of 50 percent in the use of petroleum-based fuels, 50 percent reduction in energy use by existing buildings and increase the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to 50 percent.

Oppose            Assembly Appropriations


SB 406 (Jackson) Paid Family Leave Expansion

Reduces the small business exemption from 50 employees to 25 employees and significantly expands the persons and purpose for which leave must be provided.

Oppose           Assembly Appropriations


SB 654 (De Leon) Hazardous Waste Facility Permitting

Requires DTSC to take action on a permit application within a 3-year timeframe, but, if it does not, the permit is no longer considered valid. As amended, the 3-year timeframe begins two years prior to expiration of the permit when the agency must deem the permit application complete.

Oppose          Assembly Appropriations


SB 673 (Lara) Hazardous Waste

Requires DTSC to adopt regulations establishing additional criteria to determine whether to issue a new or renewed hazardous waste permit.  The criteria must include the vulnerability of nearby populations in accordance with CalEnviroScreen and other indicators.

Oppose           Assembly Appropriations


SCA 5 (Hancock & Mitchell) Split-Roll Property Tax (anti-Prop 13)

Beginning in 2018, eliminates Proposition 13 protection for commercial property by mandating that all commercial and industrial properties be annually reassessed at their full market value. Also, provides an increased exemption for tangible personal property of up to $500,000 in value for small businesses.

Oppose           Senate Governance & Finance

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