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Apply for an Environmental Excellence award

By Mike Rogge

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CMTA puts on an environmental conference/symposium each year in San Diego in conjunction with the Industrial Environmental Association (IEA).  This year’s event is scheduled for Thursday, October 29th and Friday, October 30th at the San Diego Convention Center.  At the luncheon on the first day, environmental excellence awards are handed out to deserving companies and organizations and a short video is played highlighting their achievements. 

This year our theme is “Prospering with Limited Resources”.  We are hoping to evaluate projects that describe how your organization achieved success with limited resources in 2014 and 2015. Resources in this age are limited, from water to energy and everything in between, making business and environmental compliance more difficult than ever.

We would like to hear how you have managed to not only stay afloat, but thrive in California's current environment. Explain how the project developed, what result(s) you achieved by doing more with less, and how you plan to continue in the future with limited resources.

From a broader perspective, this resourceful achievement should also promote at least two of the following overarching objectives:  supporting a prosperous economy, preserving and protecting the environment, and/or fostering healthy communities.

There is a two-step application process which includes a cover page and a short description of the program/project.  You can get more information HERE.

The deadline for submission is August 12th.  If you have any questions or need more time, please contact Mike Rogge at mrogge@cmta.net.

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