Nicole Rice

Cal/OSHA proposes amendment to repeat violation regulations

By Nicole Rice, Policy Director, Government Relations

Capitol Update, Oct. 1, 2015

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (better known as Cal/OSHA) has proposed expanding the definition of “repeat” violations of employee health and safety requirements that will significantly increase the incident of such violations.

The proposed amendment would eliminate the geographical restrictions requirement currently in the regulation and recalculate the commencement of the look back period. Consequently, manufacturers with multiple work sites in California would experience more repeat violation penalties based on previous citations issued, regardless of the location or region of the original citation.

CMTA and others have joined together to submit comments in opposition to Cal/OSHA, citing that such a change will undermine the good-faith efforts of California’s larger employers to comply with the regulation and increase their exposure to penalties that tend to be much higher and more severe than what exists under federal OSHA regulations.

The comment period on the proposed changes closes October 2 at the conclusion of the public hearing in Oakland, California.  To review the Initial Statement of Reasons and the proposed text of the amendment, click here.

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