Nicole Rice

Legislature passes bill to set highest minimum wage in the nation

By Nicole Rice, Policy Director, Government Relations

Capitol Update, April 1, 2016

Earlier this week Governor Brown announced he had reached a deal with initiative proponents to increase California's minimum wage to $15 over a period of 6 years and tie future increases to inflation. The Legislature heard and passed the bill, SB 3, in less than a week and the Governor announced he will sign it on Monday.

Proponents of SB 3 cited key differences between the bill and initiative, including the exclusion of six days of paid sick leave and inclusion of the ability for the Governor to temporarily stall future increases if state fiscal or economic factors arise, as reason for passing the bill now. Proponents now have the option to pull the initiative from the November ballot and this will likely happen if SB 3 is not referred to the voters. 

CMTA opposes increasing the minimum wage by such a magnitude due to impacts to manufacturing labor costs and the investment climate in California. We are concerned that it will hurt the growth of the middle class jobs we need in California. Assuming the Governor follows through on his promised signature Monday, elected officials must now get back to work on policies that increase in-state manufacturing investment and employment growth.

You can let the Governor hear your concerns about the bill by going to this link.

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