Mike Rogge

Online environmental complaint system initiated

By Mike Rogge

Capitol Update, April 29, 2016 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

On April 21st, the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) launched an online tool that will make it easier for the public to report environmental problems anywhere in the state from their smartphones, tablets and computers. CalEPA Secretary Mat Rodriquez said, “Community involvement is critical to our mission to protect public health and the environment. This new reporting system empowers the public to take action when they suspect a problem, and provides them with greater responsiveness, transparency and accountability.”

The new website takes the user through the process of reporting an environmental problem, whether it’s related to air or water pollution, hazardous or solid waste, or pesticides. The system can identify the user’s location using GPS and allows them to upload photos, videos and other documentation of the suspected hazard. The website is available in English and Spanish.

When a report is submitted, it is routed to the appropriate state or local agencies. If users provide an email address, they will receive an update when their complaint is referred and again when the complaint is closed. Users can also file anonymous reports.

The new website will serve as an early warning system, alerting enforcement agencies of potential environmental violations, and providing witness accounts and documentation for investigations. CalEPA hopes this will resolve issues earlier at the local level, before they become bigger problems, as well as assist communities and agencies that may not have the resources to build their own online systems.

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