Jarrell Cook

Little Hoover Commission to discuss agency permitting process for public projects

By Jarrell Cook, Legislative Manager, Government Relations

Capitol Update, Feb. 10, 2017 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

The Little Hoover Commission will convene on February 23 to discuss how the state’s permitting process can lead to delays of months to years on public projects. The Commission is responding to feedback that the lengthy permitting process significantly drives up costs and makes the timeline for completing large infrastructure projects uncertain. The Commission will also address allegations that some state agencies pay to have their permits fast tracked, creating an inconsistent and uneven building environment.

Manufacturers that have engaged in the permitting process for their own facilities are likely to hear their own concerns echoed. The Hoover Commission studies have led to proposals that government processes be streamlined and unnecessarily burdensome regulation be pruned. The Commission’s recommendations to streamline state and local agency permitting processes may apply broadly, improving the climate for manufacturers as well.

The Commission will be taking public comments at the end of the hearing. More information regarding the meeting, including the agenda, may be found here. CMTA will continue to follow these developments to improve California’s regulatory environment.

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