Jarrell Cook

Gender price discrimination bill to be heard in committee May 2

By Jarrell Cook, Legislative Manager, Government Relations

Capitol Update, April 28, 2017 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Gender price discrimination has returned as an issue for this legislative session. AB 1576 by Assembly Member Marc Levine (D-Marin County) is a rehash of last year’s SB 899 by Senator Hueso. The bill is aimed at addressing the difference in price that consumers see at retail when they purchase items that appear ostensibly similar, but, when marketed to a different gender, have a different price. It will be heard in the Assembly Judiciary Committee on May 2 at 9 am.

Imposing uniform gender pricing can have serious consequences. This bill would effectively implement price controls for goods that may appear substantially similar to the untrained eye of someone that is unaware of all of the myriad factors that go into bringing a product to market: the cost of raw materials, labor, overhead, transportation, research and design, taxes and tariffs, licensing, advertising, volume, market competition, etc. Controlling the price of a product solely based on its comparison to another at the point of sale puts producers of goods at serious risk by divorcing what they charge from the profit they need to reap to sustain themselves.

CMTA is working in a coalition concerned by the potential growth of fly-by-night lawsuits emerging to second guess manufacturers’ legitimate business decisions. For more information or to discuss how this bill would affect you, or how to make your voice heard, please contact Jarrell Cook, Associate Policy Director for Governmental Relations, at jcook@cmta.net or by phone 916-498-3356.

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