Shaina Brown

Ingredient disclosure bills move forward

By Shaina Brown

Capitol Update, June 2, 2017 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Last week, two bills focused on ingredient disclosure moved out of their house of origin.

SB 258 (Ricardo Lara, D-Long Beach), known as the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act, passed out of the Senate by a narrow margin (Yes: 22, No: 15, Abstain/Absent: 3). CMTA and a broad coalition remain opposed as the language in print does not protect confidential business information and requires all ingredients to be listed on the product. SB 258 also has provisions for secondary container labeling.

AB 1575 (Ash Kalra, D-San Jose), a measure that requires ingredient disclosure for professional use cosmetics, passed out of the Assembly (Yes: 51, No: 21, Abstain/Absent: 8) and now moves on to the Senate. CMTA remains opposed and will continue to work with the author to achieve alignment with consumer cosmetic product labeling. 

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