Pushing California’s renewable energy mandate to 100 percent

By Michael Shaw

Capitol Update, Aug. 4, 2017 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

SB 100 (Kevin de León,D-Los Angeles)accelerates California’s ambitious goal of a 50 percent Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by five years and calls for 100 percent of in-state energy to come from zero-carbon resources by 2045. Industry concerns about affordability and reliability have CMTA and other organizations opposing SB 100 that is pending action in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

In 2015, after an intense debate over legislation to mandate increases in renewable energy and reductions in fossil fuels, Governor Brown signed SB 350 by Senate pro Tem Kevin de León calling for 50 percent of energy to come from specified types of renewable resources by 2030. Now, less than two years later, SB 100 plans to push this even further.

Driving California’s renewable targets higher and faster will force utilities to take actions that may result in higher rates for manufacturers that already face high rates and bear an inordinate share of costs for the state’s energy resources. Legislators rarely like to expose residential ratepayers to higher costs, so the burden historically has fallen on commercial and industrial ratepayers.

CMTA supports increasing the variety of clean energy resources to complement existing energy resources, but affordability and reliability must be equally important concerns or the state jeopardizes the economy and jobs. 

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