Jarrell Cook

Manufacturing culture is startup culture

By Jarrell Cook, Legislative Manager, Government Relations

Capitol Update, Oct. 10, 2017 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Entrepreneurship and innovation were on display at Manufacturing Day events throughout San Francisco. In dense, urban areas, modern manufacturing has reflected the lean, scrappy, and inventive practices of the startups that have set up shop throughout the Bay Area. Manufacturers such as Abricate and Future Glory are leveraging technology and staffs of a dozen or less to produce significant results.  Abricate uses the latest technology to fabricate highly complex parts and products out of a variety of materials on behalf of clients all around the world. Future Glory is a more traditional manufacturer of fine leather handbags and accessories.

Manufacturing startups in urban environments are challenged to find spaces to create while dealing with zoning and nuisance laws, high rents, and sourcing reliable and affordable energy to power their equipment. However, urban manufacturers benefit from their close proximity to their target market, their suppliers, and their future employees. As more entrepreneurs look to leverage modern technology to break into the manufacturing industry, it will be important for lawmakers to understand how their policies will affect this emerging community and craft forward-thinking bills to support them.

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