Governor Brown sides with manufacturers on majority of bills that reached his desk

By Michael Shaw

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October 15th, 2017 was a day that probably passed for most with little notoriety. However, for California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) and manufacturers across the state, the day marked the final day for Governor Jerry Brown to act on bills important to the sector of the economy most responsible for middle-class job creation and overall economic health.

For the first year of the 2017-18 Legislative Session, Governor Brown sided with California manufacturers and technology companies nine times out of thirteen on bills that the Legislature sent to his desk. Below is a list of important bills sent to the Governor with the CMTA position noted.

A number of bills that failed to complete the Legislative process this year will be eligible to return in 2018, so CMTA will continue to keep a close eye on those threats to California manufacturers and technology companies.


✅ Outcome DID align with CMTA position
❌ Outcome DID NOT align with CMTA
❖ Key Bill


Signed by the Governor


Staff Contact: Michael Shaw

AB 398 (E. Garcia) Cap-and-Trade Extension/Sales and Use Tax Manufacturing Exemption
Chapter 135

Extends the existing cap-and-trade program through 2030 and reforms the program to continue 100 percent industry assistance and put new cost containment tools in place, including a price ceiling and ‘speed bumps’. Also extends the manufacturers sales and use tax exemption through 2030 and fixes the useful life definition to allow for equipment purchases that are expensed in a single year to qualify. Position: Support


Staff Contact: Shaina Brown

AB 246 (Santiago) Jobs & Economic Improvement Through Environmental Leadership Act
Chapter 522

Extends streamlining benefits under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for projects via the Jobs and Economic Improvement Through Environmental Leadership Act of 2011 for 2 years. Position: Support

✅ ❖ AB 1583 (Chau) Prop. 65 Enforcement
Chapter 510

Requires that the factual basis for the certificate of merit for a Prop. 65 civil liability suit be attached to the certificate and served to the alleged violator at the same time it is provided to the Attorney General. Position: Support

❖ SB 258 (Lara) Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017
Chapter 830

Requires manufacturers of cleaning products to disclose ingredients on the product label and also post that information on their website. Additionally, requires an employer to identify a cleaning product and list of ingredients on any container in the workplace in which the cleaning product is transferred. Position: Oppose


Staff Contact: Nicole Rice

AB 168 (Eggman) Salary Information
Chapter 688

Prohibits any public or private employer from seeking salary history from an employment applicant. Grants private employers the ability to provide pay scale information to applicant upon request. Position: Oppose

❖ SB 63 (Jackson) Parental Leave
Chapter 686

Creates a new protected leave that requires small employers with 20-49 employees to provide up to 12 weeks of parental leave to bond with a new child within the first year of birth, adoption or foster care placement. Position: Oppose


Staff Contact: Nicole Rice

AB 1149 (Arambula) Funding Workforce Investment Boards
Chapter 324

Clarifies opportunities for industry engagement and collaboration with local workforce development boards through their provision of support services to individuals enrolled in training programs. Position: Support



Vetoed by the Governor

Staff Contact: Michael Shaw

AB 36 (Nazarian) Electrical Generation Facilities – Net Energy Metering Tariff
Expands the Net Energy Metering (NEM) tariff for fuel cells to include other technologies, such as combined heat and power, that meet a yet-to-be-determined emissions standard under development by ARB. Position: Support


Staff Contact: Shaina Brown

AB 1179 (Kalra) Hazardous Waste Facility Inspections
Imposes new inspection requirements on the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and increases inspection frequency for hazardous waste facilities. Position: Oppose


Staff Contact: Nicole Rice

AB 569 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Reproductive Health Discrimination
Prohibits an employer from taking an adverse employment action against an employee, their dependent or their family member, as defined in Labor Code 245.5, based on their reproductive health care decision and requires an employer to notice this right and available remedies in the employee handbook. Position: Oppose

AB 978 (Limón) Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Mandates an employer provide a complete paper or electronic copy of their Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) free of charge to a current employee or their authorized representative no later than ten business days after receipt of a written request. Position: Oppose

❖ AB 1209 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Gender Pay Differentials Provides a false impression of wage discrimination where none may legitimately exist by requiring employers with 500 or more employees in California to collect and categorize information relative to gender pay differentials and submit that information to the Secretary of State for public posting when specified prerequisites are met. Position: Oppose


Staff Contact: Nicole Rice

AB 570 (Gonzalez Fletcher) Permanent Disability Apportionment
Disallows apportionment to non-industrial disabilities that result from pregnancy or childbirth. Narrower reintroduction of similar bills that were vetoed by Governor Brown. Position: Oppose

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