Shaina Brown

Industry Coalition requests invitation to OPC workshop

By Shaina Brown

Capitol Update, Nov. 13, 2017 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Last week, a large industry coalition requested an invitation to an upcoming workshop hosted by the Ocean Protection Council (OPC) to discuss the California Ocean Litter Prevention Strategy, which was originally developed in 2008.

CMTA and other industry groups share concern with the current public process being used by the OPC, as this second “public” workshop is by invitation only. The next workshop is scheduled for November 15-16 in La Jolla, CA, and very few industry stakeholders were invited to participate.

Recycling issues are continuing to become legislative pursuits in the Capitol and we believe it is essential that businesses be allowed to fully engage in the stakeholder process, as regulated entities play a critical role in the recycling infrastructure. We hope OPC will expand its list of invited participants so that we may have input in the draft document. 

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