Dawn Koepke

Ocean Protection Council to consider adopting ocean litter strategy

By Dawn Koepke

Capitol Update, April 13, 2018 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

As you may recall, last year CMTA took the lead in weighing in with concerns to the Ocean Protection Council’s (OPC) California Ocean Litter Strategy. Most notably, CMTA and its colleague organizations raised concerns with the lack of regulated industries invited to participate in determining the actions and in implementing proposed actions related to the draft strategy. CMTA and its partner organizations have been active participants on issues related to marine debris for many years. The issue of recycling and the need to continue to build upon California’s current recycling infrastructure is a priority for CMTA and its partner organizations.  Similarly, implementation of the State Water Resources Control Board’s adopted Trash Policy is also a priority. We believe that enhancing California’s recycling infrastructure while installing structural devices to capture trash before entering the state’s waterways will go a long way in helping stem the marine debris issue.

There were concerns that the top strategies coming out of the original process were going to be pre-determined without industry participation.

In terms of next steps, the OPC will consider adoption of the Strategy at its April 24th meeting in Sacramento. CMTA plans to attend to further raise concerns about the Strategy and its adoption. 

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