CMTA’s MFG Makers and Breakers at session midpoint

By Michael Shaw

Capitol Update, June 1, 2018 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

In the first year of CMTA’s MFG Makers and Breakers list, we are happy to report that all of the Maker bills cleared the "House of Origin" deadline and several of the MFG Breaker bills are done for the year (though policy ideas never truly go away). 

The deadline requires that most types of bills pass out of the house in which they were introduced by a certain date (June 1st this year) in order to continue the journey toward the Governor’s desk. 

CMTA MFG Makers bat a thousand

We were successful in our support for legislation:

  • Sustaining funding for Career Technical Education in K-12 schools (AB 1743).
  • Requiring the State to assess the California economy and develop an economic strategy to grow industry and jobs (AB 2596).
  • Protecting manufacturers against litigation over packaging standards (AB 2632).  
  • Increasing manufacturers access to energy efficiency project funding through utility ratepayer programs (SB 1131).

A Few MFG Breakers fell short

Amongst the highlights were a pair of bills expanding manufacturer product liability regarding the past sale of lead-based paint (AB 2074and AB 2995) and a bill mandating that single-use plastic beverage containers have ‘tethered caps’ (AB 2779).  

However, several MFG Breaker bills made it over to the second house including bills that ban cosmetic products with any animal-tested ingredients, mandate gender quotas for corporate boards, prohibit employment arbitration agreements and increase electricity rates to improve reduce risks of wildfires.

The updated MFG Makers and Breakers list shows how each of the bills are doing in the legislative process.  

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