Nicole Rice

Budget proposal to permanently fund CTE heads for approval

By Nicole Rice, Policy Director, Government Relations

Capitol Update, June 11, 2018 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

For over a decade, CMTA has fought to secure dedicated, permanent funding for career technical education (CTE) programs that teach the skills manufacturers need today and help individuals find a rewarding career that pays more than a livable wage, without needing a four-year degree.  Well, this week, the Legislature and Administration are slated to vote to approve a proposal that contains $314 million in ongoing, annual funding to permanently support CTE.

Following the budget compromise reached by the Administration and legislative leaders last Friday, the Budget Conference Committee voted 10-0 in support CTE. Their action secured $150 million in ongoing funding for the CTE Incentive Grant (CTEIG) that provides state-matched resources to local school district wanting to offer high-quality programs that align to the job needs in their regions.  This funding will be administered by the California Department of Education.  Their vote also included another $150 million annually for administration of K-12 CTE programs through the California Community Colleges' Strong Workforce Program, as proposed by Governor Brown. And, finally, the Committee approved $14 million in new, ongoing funding to support technical assistance staff and programmatic costs. 

While this may not be the streamlined approach CMTA supported in AB 1743 (O'Donnell, Burke, Chávez, Cunningham, McCarty, Quirk-Silva, and Thurmond) – one program; one set of criteria to follow; one funding source – we are thrilled for the unanimous support to elevate CTE as a statewide priority and provide dedicated, permanent funding tied to performance and accountability criteria.  It is also a huge win for manufacturing programs that upskill workers and help prepare students for a successful industry career.  

CMTA will continue to work with our legislative partners and external CTE allies on the implementation of this compromise proposal but for today, we welcome this successful outcome. 

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