Newsom makes initial appointments to new administration

By Michael Shaw

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With one month to go until Governor-elect Gavin Newsom takes the oath of office and moves into the Governor’s first floor office suite, known as the “horseshoe”, his transition team announced a couple key appointments to add to those announced last month after the election. Joining Ann O’Leary (Chief of Staff) and Ana Matosantos (Cabinet Secretary), are Catherine E. Lhamon as Legal Affairs Secretary and Anthony C. Williams as Legislative Affairs Secretary.

Williams served most recently as Director of Government Relations for The Boeing Company. Before that, he was Policy Director and Special Counsel to Senate President Steinberg and, from 1999 to 2004, he was Principal Consultant to Senate President Burton. He has also served as legislative advocate for the Judicial Counsel of California, as well as the State Bar of California. He is also the founder and president of the Stand Strong Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to developing excellence in youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.  

Coming from The Boeing Company, a CMTA member, Williams brings with him an understanding of the manufacturing business that is unique in such a critical role in state government as policy is considered and negotiated by the new administration. CMTA is proud to have worked with him for the past several years and looks forward to continuing to do so in his new role serving the people of California.

Just a few days after the election, Governor-elect Newsom announced that his administration team would be led by Ann O’Leary and Ana Matosantos.

O’Leary will lead his transition team and serve in the pivotal role of Chief of Staff when the new administration takes over in early January. She comes from a Washington, D.C. background with strong ties to President Bill Clinton in his administration and Secretary Hillary Clinton in her Senate office and presidential campaign. The outsider choice is one that Sacramento insiders will pick at for some time, but the choice clearly indicates that the incoming governor is not wed to existing Capitol ways.

Gov.-elect Newsom also announced that Capitol veteran Ana Matosantos will return to the first floor of the “Building”, this time as Cabinet Secretary overseeing the government operations across state government. She has a wealth of Capitol experience, including a bipartisan stint as Director of the Department of Finance for Governors Jerry Brown and Arnold  Schwarzenegger. Her experience in both administrations directing the state budget means that she has a strong handle on government operations finances.

CMTA staff are continuing to gather more information on key appointments to the Newsom administration and will share that with you as appointments are confirmed. 

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