October symposium - "Facing California's Energy Future"

By CMTA Staff

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The National Energy Institute has put together their second National Energy Symposium, scheduled for October 12th in the State Capitol.  The symposium, Facing California's Energy Future, will examine the science and economics of energy issues and feature engineers from leading institutions who will review energy sources, including oil, gas, alternatives, and potential new supply for the future. Cosponsors include USC, Caltech, California Energy Commission, UC Energy Institute, and UC Davis with support from the Senate Office of Research.

The symposium sessions include:

Economics and Rising Prices - Renewable Energy Technologies
Technological Viability of New Energy Sources - Public Policy and Our Energy Future
Balancing Energy Costs with Environmental Protection
The Impact of Global Demand on America's Energy Future - Energy and the Environment

Details and registration: http://www.communicationsinstitute.com/site/cpage.asp?cpage_id=140004567&sec_id=140000791

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