CMTA requests vetoes on important bills

By CMTA Staff

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The Governor has until September 30 to sign or veto hundreds of bills sent to him by the legislature. CMTA is working to get vetoes on the most damaging bills to the economy and supporting a few bills that will help keep manufacturers competitive.  We encourage you to write letters or make other contact with the Governor and members of his administration to express your views on particular bills. 

The most important bills on the Governor’s desk are listed below with key bills asterisked:

Corporate Counsel

  SB 682 (Simitian) RFID Regulation, Identity Information Protection Act of 2005 - Oppose
*SB 832 (Perata) Punitive Damages - Oppose
*SB 1489 (Ducheny) AG Attorney's Fees - Oppose
  SB 1737 (Figueroa) Consumer Rebate Regulation - Oppose


  SB 1543 (Alarcon) High School CTE University Requirements – Support


*AB 32 (Nunez) Mandatory Cap on California Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Oppose
  AB 974 (Nunez) Transmission System Streamlined by PUC - Support
*AB 2778 (Lieber) Self-Generation Incentive Program - Oppose
*SB 1368 (Perata) Electricity, Emissions of Greenhouse Gases - Oppose

  SB 1505 (Lowenthal) Hydrogen Fuel Performance Standards – Oppose

Environmental Quality

  AB 1953 (Chan) Lead Plumbing - Oppose
  AB 2823 (Ruskin) Air Pollution, District Compliance Programs & Posting - Oppose
*SB 927 (Lowenthal) Ports, Container Fees - Oppose

Labor and Employment

*AB 1835 (Lieber) Minimum Wage Increase - Oppose
  AB 1883 (De la Torre) Workers’ Compensation, Proof of Insurance - Oppose
  AB 2068 (Nava) Workers’ Compensation, Physicians - Oppose
  AB 2095 (Niello) Sexual Harassment Training - Support
  AB 2287 (Chu) Workers’ Compensation, Acupuncture - Oppose
*AB 2593 (Keene) Meal and Rest Periods, Transportation Industry - Oppose
*SB 815 (Perata) Workers’ Compensation, Permanent Disability - Oppose
*SB 1414 (Migden) Fair Share Health Care Act - Oppose
  SB 1690 (Romero) ETP for Seasonal Workers - Oppose
  SB 1745 (Kuehl) Employment and Housing Discrimination – Oppose

Prescription Drugs

*AB 2911 (Nunez) Discount Prescription Drug Program – Oppose


  AB 1550 (Arambula) Enterprise Zone, Gap Solution - Support
  AB 1614 (Ruskin) Income Taxes, LLCs, Apportionment - Oppose
  AB 2182 (Mullin) Valuation Factor Study, Semi-Conductor, Computers & Bio-Tech - Support

Four bills were vetoed by the Governor yesterday, September 7th:

Labor and Employment

  AB 1884 (Chu) Unemployment Insurance, Trade Disputes - Oppose
  AB 2209 (Pavley) Unemployment Insurance, Trade Disputes - Oppose
  AB 2555 (Oropeza) Gender Pay Equity - Oppose


* AB 675 (Klehs) Book Income Study - Oppose

More information about each bill and our opposition or support letters can be found at

Thank you for your help, especially in stopping the bad bills.  If you have any questions about the status of any bills, please contact Loretta Macktal at


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