Increase voter registration for state elections Nov. 7, 2006

By CMTA Staff

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In the coming weeks, your employees will be bombarded with media advertising on the various propositions, candidates and local measures on the November ballot.  They also will be hearing from their employee unions, their friends and neighbors, from door to door canvassers and from direct mail. 

Have they heard from YOU about the important issues in this election? Do they know how their vote will affect their jobs and future prosperity? Are they even registered to vote? Only 4.39 million of California’s 22.5 million registered voters voted in the June 2006 primary.

In the past, companies have been reluctant to "talk about politics" with their employees. 

Not anymore. 

The worldwide web and projects like BIPAC at the national level have made it very easy to offer nonpartisan, factual information to employees, to get them registered, and to increase their presence at the polls. Tremendous success at the state level in Ohio, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania makes us certain that your California employees will also step up and be counted on Election Day.

Important dates:
• October 9 – Early voting begins
• October 23 – Voter registration deadline
• Oct 31 – Early voting ends/Absentee ballot deadline
• Nov 7 – Election Day!

Between now and Election Day CMTA will be reminding you to direct your employees to  Don’t wait to get started – send them this introductory sample email as soon as possible.  They will thank you for it!

For more information on this project, contact David Althausen at (916) 498-3343 or via email at .

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