What is the Manufacturers Marketplace/Why is it unique?

  • The Manufacturers Marketplace is a one-of-a-kind, web-based, searchable marketplace featuring listings of hundreds of thousands of manufacturers in the United States, including Puerto Rico.
  • The Manufacturers Marketplace was created in partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers and other leading state manufacturing associations to help manufacturers find, get found and grow their business.
  • Its comprehensive search capabilities can your supply chain managers discover the right manufacturing partner —whether they are across town or across the country.
  • Your company may be familiar with multiple other manufacturing databases like ThomasNet, MFG.com or MNI. BUT, those are just simple listings of companies you have to manually dig through like an online yellow pages listing. That’s not helpful for buyers OR sellers.
  • Unlike those current manufacturing directories, the Manufacturers Marketplace lets you discover new supply chain partners based on those companies’ capabilities.
  • The Manufacturers Marketplace features unique, comprehensive search capabilities that allow you to, within seconds, identify and engage with the best possible partner for your unique supply chain needs.
  • That means you can discover companies based on their:
    • Locations
    • Plant size
    • Equipment
    • Capacity
    • NAICS and SIC codes
    • Processes
    • Certifications
    • And more!
  • You know better than anyone —time is money. The Manufacturers Marketplace helps your supply chain managers save significant time, cut cost, diversify your company’s supply chain and meet business goals that impact your bottom line by empowering them quickly find the right supply chain partner.
How it works
  • Once a manufacturer subscribes to the Manufacturers Marketplace, they are prompted to claim their listing in the Marketplace
  • Odds are excellent there is already a listing for that company within the Marketplace•Once they claim their listing, companiescan enhance it with as much information as they like —and that’s another attribute that makes the Marketplace so unique. Companies control their listing!
  • If their listing is not there, no problem as it is very easy to enter.
  • We encourage subscribers to FULLY populate their listings with every searchable piece of information possible so buyers can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for under the widest possible search parameters.
  • We are especially pushing small and medium-sized companies to fully populate their listings so that large companies like you can easily find them based on their capabilities.
Benefits for large companies seeking partners
  • Comprehensive, precise search ability based on manufacturers’ capabilities.
  • This is a game-changer.The Manufacturers Marketplace gives you instant accessto an inventory ofhundreds of thousands of manufacturers, and, within seconds, you can find ones perfectly suited to fill your supply chain needs. As I mentioned earlier, with the most comprehensive search capability, including locations, processes, certifications, NAICS and SIC codes, capacities and much more —the Manufacturers Marketplace can pair you with the right manufacturing partner located in the U.S.
  • As registered members add information to the listings, the Manufacturers Marketplace becomes an even more powerful tool—a tool that enables manufacturers of all sizes, sectors and points in the supply chain to find and be found, mitigate risk for their business and increase visibility among the largest pool of potential partners.
  • It’s the most efficient and cost effective supply chain diversification and risk mitigation tool you’ll ever find.
  • $500 annually for CMTA members —an 80% discount!
    • Allows unlimited searches and allows subscribers to fully populate the listing for one business location (headquarters or key operation).
    • If a company wishes to have more than one location listed and fully populated, the Manufacturers Marketplace requires a license for each location.
    • Non-members must pay the full subscription price of $2,500.
What does a Manufacturers Marketplace license include?
  • One license entitlesunlimited users within the registered companyto establish login credentials and perform unlimited searches in the Marketplace –no matter where they are located.
  • One license also grants the ability to fully enrichonebusiness facility’s data profile in the Marketplace.
  • Beyond the basic prepopulated name, address, and sector information, users may enrich their chosen facility profile with a vast array of additional information, including equipment, certifications, processes, and much more.
  • Choice of the facility to which the license is assigned is up to the licensee.
  • If a company desires to enrich multiple locations’ profiles, individual licenses must be purchased foreach
  • Please note: ONLY manufacturers are allowed to be listed in the directory.(For more details please visit the“Eligibility” section)
  • Manufacturers Marketplace subscriptions must be renewed annually via credit card.
  • As a user’s renewal date approaches, they will receive reminder notifications via email to renew their subscription, with instructions for contacting the NAM or their Marketplace partner state association to obtain a renewal promo code.






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