Why you should join CMTA

Our Sacramento-based professional staff has decades of experience advocating for and against bills and regulations that matter to you. Hundreds of manufacturers, large and small, already depend on us to protect their interests. You need us to help you compete.

We fight for manufacturers

Manufacturers depend on sensible laws and regulations to stay competitive in California. You deserve:

Reasonable environmental regulations
Environmental compliance can be a costly nightmare if rules are poorly drafted and not based on sound science. We stop bad bills or fix them so you can keep operating in California.

Competitive taxes
Your bottom line survival depends on fair and predictable taxes that support new investment and hiring. We are always looking for ways to lower your tax burden.

Protection from complex labor laws
California has special overtime and other workplace rules that raise your costs and expose you to employee lawsuits. Bills to provide more workplace flexibility and lower costs are a high priority.

Lower workers' compensation costs
Injured workers deserve fair compensation but too much money is spent on providers and wasteful bureaucracy. We support legislation and regulations to lower your workers’ compensation costs.

Fair treatment in litigation
You face potential lawsuits from every direction – product liability, wrongful termination, and environmental hazards. We want you to get fair treatment by preserving arbitration rights and limiting class actions.

Skilled workers in California
We are alarmed by the decline in career and technical education (CTE) in the public schools. We want to preserve state funding for CTE and keep a pipeline of skilled workers available for your facilities.

We keep you informed

  • Weekly legislative and regulatory updates
  • Legislative action alerts
  • State legislative directory and scorecard
  • Comprehensive website
If you would like occassional news and alerts from us sign up for our newsletter above the navigational bar. (You don't have to be a member for this.)

Members have the opportunity to:

Our programs can save you money

CMTA membership gives you the power of group purchasing. These benefit programs offer both large and small members a real opportunity for significant savings.
  • Workers’ Comp Insurance with CompWest
  • Uniform Rental Service Discount through Aramark (average 17% discount)
  • Employee Training Resources
  • Freight and Shipping Savings
  • Office Supplies & Equipment Savings

We invite you to join CMTA, the only statewide organization dedicated to protecting manufacturers ability to operate competitively in California.

Keep us engaged in the fight by joining today

To apply for membership you can fill out our online application here, or download the application form here and fax it to our office at (916) 441-5449.

For more information on membership or how to apply contact Geri Royer, membership director at (916) 498-3330 or at groyer@cmta.net