Manufacturing Still Matters

Key Findings in "Manufacturing 2.0" a study by
the Milken Institute

Manufacturing Still Matters (Milken Report Summary)

What if we sustained manufacturing between
2000 and 2007? Read the summary.


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"Manufacturing 2.0" by Milken Institute

In 2002, the Milken Institute's report Manufacturing Matters: California's Performance and Prospects sounded the alarm bells on the decline of the state's manufacturing competitiveness and the impending economic implications. Seven years later, a new report - Manufacturing 2.0: A More Prosperous California - compares the industry's performance to other states and quantifies the damage resulting from a failure to address previous concerns.

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CMTA's Press Release on Milken Report

Report: Manufacturing STILL Matters in California
Milken Institute Study shows that state is neglecting critical engine of economic growth, $54 billion worth of output

The Milken Institute released Manufacturing 2.0: A More Prosperous California today, a study, commissioned by the California Manufacturers & Technology Association, to understand the current state of manufacturing and the need for action to save the state's most critical engine of economic growth. The report proves that the impacts of lost manufacturing jobs has been devastating and that the particular sector must become a cornerstone of our economic recovery. » read more

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