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Manufacturing Leader's Statement on Gov. Newsom's Executive Order Banning Fossil Fuel Powered Cars   Sept. 23, 2020

Manufacturers Oppose Prop 15 Split Roll Property Tax Measure  Sept. 11, 2020

California Manufacturers Step Up With PPE Portal to Help Gov. Newsom Re-Open State's Economy   June 26, 2020

Manufacturers Release Maker/Breaker Bills for 2020  May 28, 2020

Manufacturing leader comments on Gov. Newsom's Work Comp Executive Order  May 6, 2020

Washington, Oregon and California Employer Groups Announce Coalition to Assist in Reopening Economies  April 27, 2020

CMTA Board Member Pamela Kan appointed to
Governor’s Business and Jobs Recovery Task Force
  April 17, 2020

CA Manufacturers To Meet Unprecedented COVID19 Challenge  March 24, 2020

Manufacturers comment on Gov. Newsom's Proposed Budget  Jan. 10, 2020

CMTA Gears up for 2020: Adds new policy staff, elevates executive staff   Jan. 6, 2020

Exciting New Addition to CMTA Advocacy Team  Dec. 9, 2019

Manufacturing Industry Supports New Energy Czar for State's EnergyChallenges  Nov. 1, 2019

Manufacturing Industry Applauds Senator Toni Atkins' Leadership on Addressing Impacts of Planned Power Shutoffs   Oct. 25, 2019

Manufacturers comment on Veto of MFG Maker AB 23  Oct. 15, 2019

"Making California" Legislative Agenda Records 14 Successes  Sept. 16, 2019

Gov. Newsom appoints CMTA leader to represent manufacturing on Future of Work Commission  Aug. 30, 2019

Manufacturers launch "I Make CA" spotlight campaign  Aug. 19, 2019

End-of-session push on 'Making CA' manufacturing agenda  Aug. 5, 2019

Manufacturing competitiveness gaining momentum in Legislature  May 31, 2019

Manufacturers see success on "Making California" legislative agenda  May 20, 2019

Manufacturers Release Second Half of “Making California” Legislative Agenda with “Manufacturing Breakers” bill list  May 1, 2019

Manufacturers Release First Half of "Making California" Legislative Agenda with "Manufacturing Makers" bill list  April 23, 2019

Manufacturers commend Gov. Newsom for proposed budget and look forward to working with him   Jan. 10, 2019

CMTA Releases 2018 Manufacturing Vote Record for California Legislature  Oct. 30, 2018

Manufacturers announce new leader to take Association into the future  Oct. 24, 2018

California Manufacturers Denounce Baseless Public Nuisance Lawsuits  Sept. 19, 2018

U.S. manufacturing resurgence landing mostly outside of California  May 30, 2018

CA Manufacturers comment in advance of climate lawsuits decision  May 24, 2018

Manufacturers launch annual "MFG Maker and Breaker" bill list  April 25, 2018

Manufacturers take positions on California's June 2018 ballot measures  April 4, 2018

CMTA reacts to Governor's proposed 2018/19 State Budget  Jan. 10, 2018

Manufacturers comment on the benefits of NAFTA   Dec. 1, 2017

CMTA Releases 2017 Manufacturing Vote Record for California Legislature   Nov. 14, 2017

Solar Turbines is newest California Manufacturing Champion as company celebrates 90 years  Nov. 8, 2017

Manufacturers applaud California leaders for passing a more cost-effective path to environmental goals  July 17, 2017

Manufacturers support extension of California Cap-and-trade  July 12, 2017

Manufacturers comment on California's leadership role in climate change   June 1, 2017

CMTA 'May Revise' statement: Focus on middle class job creation to support the State Budget  May 11, 2017

Manufacturers welcome environmental policy lobbyist to government relations team  Feb. 6, 2017

Manufacturers to feature 3D manufacturing at Legislative Reception  Jan. 30, 2017

Manufacturers respond to Governor's State of the State Address  Jan. 24, 2017

Gov. appoints CMTA manufacturing advocate to Workforce Development Board  Jan. 13, 2017

Manufacturers recommend focus on middle class job creation to support the state budget   Jan. 10, 2017

CA manufacturers kick off the next century with new look and new leadership   Jan. 8, 2017

Manufacturers take positions on ballot propositions and urge California to Vote Manufacturing  Oct. 18, 2016

CMTA vote record reveals legislative champions for manufacturing competitiveness in California   Oct. 12, 2016

CMTA recognizes newest Manufacturing Champion on MFG Day  Oct. 7, 2016

Manufacturing Day 2016 will demonstrate California's MFG talent & innovation  Oct. 4, 2016

California manufacturers: Unfinished climate change policy jeopardizes manufacturing jobs and investments  Sept. 8, 2016

California manufacturers disappointed in costly and unnecessary SB 32 vote   Aug. 23, 2016

Manufacturers comment on proposed Cap-and-Trade spending plan  Aug. 18, 2016

CA stumbles in race for U.S. manufacturing investments  May 31, 2016

Manufacturers oppose California initiatives   April 5, 2016

Manufacturing leader comments on minimum wage bill signing  April 4, 2016

California manufacturers congratulate newly elected Speaker Anthony Rendon  March 7, 2016

Manufacturers commend Gov. Jerry Brown for fiscal responsibility and attention to state's economic vulnerability  Jan. 7, 2016

CMTA Vote Record marks legislative support for CA manufacturers   Dec. 3, 2015

Manufacturers comment on new Strike Bomber being built in California  Nov. 2, 2015

On MFG Day manufacturers recognize one of many California Champion companies   Oct. 2, 2015

Manufacturers Comment on California's new 'Scoping Plan' for carbon reduction goals  Oct. 1, 2015

Manufacturing leader on state's proposed climate change goals:
"We need more information and accountability"
  Aug. 25, 2015

California manufacturers comment on proposed 'split roll' property tax  June 10, 2015

Manufacturers comment on new proposed CA climate change goals  June 3, 2015

California manufacturers on Gov. Brown's new greenhouse gas goals:  April 29, 2015

Manufacturers underscore efficient water usage in importance to California's economy  April 2, 2015

California manufacturers comment on bag ban referendum   Feb. 24, 2015

Manufacturers kick-off 2015 with new leadership team  Feb. 4, 2015

CA Manufacturing leader: Build a state budget for skills and high-wage job growth  Jan. 9, 2015

Manufacturing leader comments on Gov. Jerry Brown's State of the State Address  Jan. 5, 2015

Head of CA Manufacturers Group Retiring in December  Oct. 28, 2014

California Manufacturers & Technology Association voices opposition to paper bag tax legislation  Aug. 20, 2014

California's Champions of Manufacturing videos now available for syndication   July 31, 2014

Manufacturers' media statement on aerospace incentive package  July 1, 2014

Adam Carolla headlines California Manufacturing Champions event  May 21, 2014

Manufacturers respond to oil severance tax proposal  Feb. 19, 2014

California manufacturers appreciate prudence in Governor's budget proposal  Jan. 9, 2014

National Manufacturing Day takes hold in California  Oct. 8, 2013

Manufacturing leader lauds Gov. Brown for strong economic development signal  July 11, 2013

California sends signal to manufacturers: Open for business  July 3, 2013

Manufacturers commend Gov. Brown for competitive manufacturing tax policy in 'May Revise' Budget  May 14, 2013

Manufacturers support lawsuit against cap-and-trade auction  Nov. 13, 2012

San Diego Government Officials Warn of Increased Costs and Lost Revenues from California Climate Change Policies  Aug. 23, 2012

Local Government Officials Warn of Increased Energy Cost Impacts from California Climate Change Policies  Aug. 22, 2012

Manufacturers respond to climate change poll results  Aug. 2, 2012

Study: Families and state's economy to pay dearly for global warming policies  July 28, 2012

California Manufacturers welcome new lobbyist   Jan. 18, 2012

Manufacturers (and CMTA members) receive environmental awards  Nov. 29, 2011

Manufacturers respond to California's important first step on economic analysis on regulations  Oct. 6, 2011

Lieutenant Governor Newsom, Manufacturers, and Correctional Peace Officers to hold historic California Manufacturing Summit  June 28, 2011

Lieutenant Governor, Manufacturers, and Correctional Peace Officers announce California manufacturing summit  May 26, 2011

Gov. Brown acknowledges the need for a competitive manufacturing environment, but proposal falls short  May 16, 2011

California regulatory and competitiveness survey shows we need to get smarter  April 8, 2011

As State Budget deadline approaches, manufacturers urge a responsible budget with convincing structural and regulatory reforms  March 7, 2011

Manufacturers respond to "Clean Energy Jobs Initiative" proposal  Feb. 2, 2011

Manufacturers commend Gov. Brown's resolve, call for job and wealth creation  Jan. 10, 2011

Manufacturers welcome Gov. Jerry Brown  Jan. 3, 2011

Manufacturers praise Fiorina's job creation acumen in first debate  Sept. 2, 2010

Manufacturing leader issues statement on California budget proposal  Aug. 30, 2010

The Economy and Jobs Matter -- Manufacturers endorse Sam Blakeslee in Senate District 15 Special Election  Aug. 13, 2010

Manufacturers and Cal Lutheran University's Bill Watkins to release green jobs report  June 15, 2010

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