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Manufacturing leader comments on Gov. Newsom's Work Comp Executive Order

 May 6, 2020 SACRAMENTO, CA -- Today, California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) President Lance Hastings made the following statement to the media regarding Gov. Newsom's Executive Order expanding Workers' Compensation benefits during COVID19:
"California manufacturers have implemented and continue to employ aggressive safety measures in their facilities so they can put people back to work safely and keep our ever-important supply chain operational. The State's 1.3 million manufacturing workers and their employers need protections during this crisis and we appreciate the difficult position that Gov. Newsom is in on this economy-wide issue. Ensuring the integrity of California's entire work comp system is critical and the Governor's Executive Order seems to strike a balance between getting all of the facts on the table for a work-related COVID19 claim and providing proper worker benefits during the 60-day policy period."

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