CMTA membership gives you the power of group purchasing.
These benefit programs offer both large and small members a real opportunity for significant savings.


Workers' Compensation Program

California's workers' compensation premiums are among the highest in the country. CMTA can help you lower those costs. The CompWest Insurance Company provides an exclusive opportunity for CMTA members to receive a guaranteed rate reduction on workers’ compensation insurance. Read More

Uniform Rental & Purchase Discounts

Companies of all sizes depend on uniform rentals and purchases for their workers. This year, CMTA rolled out a new program with the country's leading uniform provider, Aramark, to deliver average 17 percent discounts for your uniform needs. If you are already an Aramark customer, let us know and we will ensure you get your discount on your next contract. If you need a new uniform company give CMTA and Aramark a chance. For more information please contact Dale Chittum at ARAMARK at 614.478.5161 or

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

We provide ongoing protection if your employee data is ever breached. If you have LifeLock in place, we can help your business and employees proactively, not reactively. And, just like a wellness program or short term disability, we provide ROI by reducing employee time away from, or distractions while at, work.

Employment Training Funds & Assistance

The state of California grants tens of millions of dollars each year to employers to train and retrain workers to be more efficient and learn new skills. CMTA brings three decades experience working with employers and the Employment Training Panel to create unique training programs and walk employers through the application process. Once approved, CMTA will work with your managment team to track and report individual worker training. Read More

Freight & Shipping Savings

CMTA members receive incredible discounts on less-than-truckload shipping. Read More