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How Much Money can my company receive from the state for training?
The ETP reimburses your company based on the number of qualified hours your employees receive.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:
Who is the Employment Training Panel (ETP)?
ETP is a California State agency that began in 1983 and is designed to fund training that meets the needs of employers for skilled workers and the need of workers for good, long-term jobs.

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Where does the ETP get the money?

ETP gets it money from the companies’ earmarked payment into the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Fund. The UI fund is administered by the State’s Employment Development Department (EDD).

Who is the California Manufacturing & Technology Association (CMTA)?

The California Manufacturers & Technology Association works to improve and enhance a strong business climate for California's 30,000 manufacturing, processing and technology based companies. Since 1918, CMTA has worked with state government to develop balanced laws, effective regulations and sound public policies to stimulate economic growth and create new jobs while safeguarding the state's environmental resources.

Does CMTA provide training courses?
CMTA can assist you in finding qualified instructors in your area. CMTA assists employers in applying for training reimbursement funding from ETP.

Does ETP provide training courses?
ETP does not provide training. ETP provides the guidelines for reimbursable training topics.

Who is eligible to conduct the training?
You can choose to use your own employee to deliver the training, an employee from another office site of your company, professional trainer, or training group. If you use a vendor to conduct training, the vendor must sign a sub-agreement and be located in California.

Which training topics are eligible for reimbursement by ETP?

  • Business Skills
  • Commercial Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Management Skills
  • Manufacturing Skills
  • Literacy Skills.

  • What training courses are not covered by the ETP program?
    Any of the following course topics are not reimbursable:
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Labor laws
  • Stress management
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Basic hire orientation

  • What are the acceptable training methods for reimbursement?

    Classroom training, laboratory training, class/lab combination, or computer-based training

    Is there a class size requirement?
    There is no minimum class size; however, there is a maximum class size ratio of 20 trainees per instructor.

    What about training on-site vs. off-site?
    You can choose to conduct training at your own location or any other site, as long as training takes place in California.

    Do I have to train all of my employees?
    You may choose to train as few or as many of your employees as you choose. However, no more than 20% of your trainees can be managers or supervisors.

    Who is eligible to be a trainee?
    Any full-time, permanent employee who has been on your payroll for at least 90 days and meets the ETP minimum wage requirement for the county in which your company is located.

    Are there guidelines on the number of training hours?

    Yes, there is a minimum of 8 hours training per employee. There is a maximum number of 200 hours per employee. If more than 200 hours per trainee are needed, please contact CMTA

    What is the reimbursement rate?
    Your company will receive up to $26 per person per hour.

    How does my company get reimbursed?
    You input trainee information via the online ETP database. The reimbursement plan is “pay-for-performance”. As your trainees complete a minimum level of training, you submit an invoice for payment which is processed by ETP and will amount to 25%. At the completion of training, your company can submit invoice for 50%. After the trainee meets the 90-day retention period, the final 25% will be earned.

    How much time is allowed for an employee to complete his/her training?

    The standard ETP agreement is for 24 months which includes the 90-day retention period. Your employee will have to complete his/her training within 21 months and then will have to complete the 90-day retention period for your company to receive reimbursement.

    What about training that my company has already conducted?
    ETP funding is not retroactive. Funding is only for training hours that begin after your application has been approved and within the term dates of your agreement.

    What is the process to apply for this program?
    Complete the initial eligibility determination with your CMTA representative.
    CMTA and an ETP analyst will contact you for a site visit.
    CMTA assists you with the application process and submits to ETP
    Your application is reviewed by the ETP Panel at the monthly ETP Panel meeting.
    Once approved, the ETP rep conducts a Start-Up meeting and your training hours can begin.

    What is Quick Start Training?
    Quick Start Training allows your company to start a small ETP funded training project quickly and easily with no application to the ETP. CMTA has already received approval for these ETP funds and if you qualify we can pay you to train your employees in a range of approved topics