Professional Services

Administrative Services

The ETP is a pay-for-performance training contract ¬ this means that in order to receive your training reimbursement you must complete the required training and also follow the ETP’s policies and regulations. CMTA allows you to concentrate on the training while we coordinate ETP-related administrative activities.

CMTA will assist with:

  • Consulting to streamline your ETP activities including how to use Electronic Training Records
  • Enrolling employees in the ETP database
  • Input all training data into a CMTA custom database for tracking and filtering
  • Transfer all data to ETP database for invoicing
  • Invoicing to the State of California ETP
  • Manage all ETP meetings, and monitoring visits
  • Your company requirements:

    • Schedule classes
    • Document classes via rosters or electronic records
    • Train your employees and increase productivity